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This is an umbrella crate that re-exports the codegen and frontend crates, to make them easier to use.
This is the core code generator crate. It takes Cranelift IR as input and emits encoded machine instructions, along with symbolic relocations, as output.
This crate contains the meta-language utilities and descriptions used by the code generator.
This crate translates WebAssembly code into Cranelift IR.
This crate provides utilities for translating code into Cranelift IR.
This crate performs auto-detection of the host, allowing Cranelift to generate code optimized for the machine it’s running on.
This crate translates from Cranelift IR’s text format into Cranelift IR in in-memory data structures.
This crate manages compiling multiple functions and data objects together.
This crate provides a faerie-based backend for cranelift-module, which emits native object files using the faerie library.
This crate provides a simple JIT backend for cranelift-module, which emits code and data into memory.

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